evismo uses the latest technologies at all levels. We offer a simple solution to measure vital signs comfortably and discreetly.

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Our technology

At evismo, we offer a simple solution to comfortably and discreetly measure vital signs with our VitalFlex platform. We rethink existing systems and structures and intelligently connect the players in the process. We bring medical care directly into the everyday life of patients, cost-efficiently and patient-oriented. The currect focus is on the ECG.
We are improving access, prevention theraphy and dagnistics.

evismo uses the latest technologies at all levels

evismo integrates and combines state-of-the-art medical sensors and software - open, transparent, medically validated and certified. Our science-driven approach allows us to always be on the cutting edge for you.

The ECG sensor is suitable for all mobile ECG needs.


The platform

evismo developed the CardioFlex solution in cooperation with the Finnish medical technology specialist Bittium based on existing Bittium applications. The web-based Bittium MedicalSuite™ - platform for wireless remote monitoring of patients' biosignals - improves the secure exchange of information, as well as information management between medical service providers, hospitals and specialists. The "open" solution enables modular further development of the components and can easily be used to collect other patient data, such as for monitoring brain waves or diagnosing sleep disorders. The platform enables the exchange of the necessary data as well as the starting and stopping of measurements. Our customers appreciate the intuitive operation and the resulting time savings of our platform.

The ECG sensor

Mobile, fully functional ECG with standard electrodes or patch

Configurable for 1, 2 and 3 leads 

Unobtrusive, waterproof, patient friendly 

Full readout of ECG data available per patient 

18 grams, 48 x 29 x 12 mm

CE Class IIa, FDA 510(k)

The software

The Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ software, used by cardiologists for analysis, is a flexible and versatile solution for performing clinical Holter ECG analysis, which is built on state-of-the-art algorithms. The user-friendly and informative data display and intuitive analysis tools make the software efficient and easy to use when analysing multi-day ECG recordings. The software enables efficient scanning of long measurements in less time, speeding up the final diagnosis.

Multiple cardiology options

Based on the ECG data, heart rate variability (HRV), activity and respiratory rate can also be determined. These parameters are used by occupational physicians to diagnose burnout or other stress disorders. This type of ECG analysis uses the Cardiscope™ analysis software, while the rest of the CardioFlex system's building blocks remain the same. 

Data Security

evismo transmits and analyzes patient:s medical vital signs data. Wireless transmission of ECG data to our Swiss evismo system is done via the included smartphone using the end-to-end integrated Bittium Secure SuiteTMSecure continuous communication of all patient data is thus always guaranteed. No patient data is kept on sensor or smartphone. Patient data is kept and transmitted (pseudonymized) on separate systems in Switzerland. evismo uses the world's most secure mobile communication solution, which is approved up to the "confidential" security level (NCSA-FI). 

evismo works with Swiss market leaders for data transmission and storage. Communication is carried out using the Swiss security standard of the Health Info Network ( The data can be deleted at any time upon request. Both the sensors and the analysis systems are approved as medical devices.  

evismo is an official Bittium partner 

In 2018, evismo and Bittium enter into a development partnership. With Bittium, evismo has found a partner that understands and lives remote monitoring and patient data security. evismo works closely with the whole team of Bittium and since then also takes over the distribution for Bittium's remote diagnostic service business in Central Europe. Since 1 April 2022, evismo has been the authorized representative and regulatory partner for Bittium in Switzerland.

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