evismo connects for the benefit of the patient  

Today's healthcare system is reaching its limits: cost explosion, shortage of specialists and physicians, increasing age. These factors demand new solutions.

The evismo team is convinced that the intelligent use of new technologies and service models as well as connected health care will significantly improve and reduce the cost of healthcare.

It is our vision that all patients and their relatives receive convenient, professional and timely care at all times. Patients are optimally supported in prevention, diagnosis and therapy - even from a distance.

The connection between state of the art sensors and specialists make remote monitoring possible.

evismo brings patients, medical expertise and modern devices together via its user-friendly evismo platform thus enabling patients to feel anxiety-free, independent and at the same time well cared for, thanks to consistent medical remote care.

evismos's first offering is evismo-CardioFlex, the new gold standard in long-term ECG monitoring. evismo will constantly expand remote monitoring services and add new vital parameters, e.g. for chronically ill patients or for medical care at home after a hospital stay.

Become part of the team  

As a young company in a very dynamic environment, we are constantly looking for new employees who want to make a lasting positive change to the healthcare system with us. 

  • Are you convinced that digitalisation in the healthcare sector must be used for the benefit of the patient?

  • Do you see remote monitoring as an important pillar in the future healthcare system?

  • Do you have interest or experience in the field of remote monitoring?

  • Do you want to help shape developments in the healthcare market?

Then we look forward to hearing from you on jobs[at]evismo.com .

News & Events  

Come and visit us at: 

Argomed | online FORUM 10. December 2020 
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SGAIM Spring congress Basle, 19.-21. Mai 2021 
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Lenzburg, Switzerland, 13. October 2020 evismo AG and die Argomed Ärzte AG bring the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias to the general practitioner.
A collaboration of evismo and Argomed Ärzte AG - for strong general practitioners.
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Press release here.


Zurich, Switzerland, June 2020 evismo in the Sonntagszeitung – CardioFlex brings clarity to patients.
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Zurich, Switzerland, October 2018 evismo-CardioFlex is published in the magazine LEADING OPINIONS Innere Medizin 2018/4 as a pioneering eHealth application.
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Zurich, Switzerland, July 12, 2018 - evismo AG is pleased to announce that its seed financing round with its main supplier and development partner Bittium has been closed. With this financing evismo will be able to accelerate the start, growth, building a strong team and the right infrastructure.
Announcement- evismo closes seed financing round with Bittium...